Csideas, Law and Economics in Healthcare Study Centre, is a division of Gruppo Policlinico di Monza

Csideas, Law and Economics in Healthcare Study Centre, is a division of Gruppo Policlinico di Monza.

Csideas intends to investigate issues of extreme importance connected to risk management; to protect the patient's health; to the profiles of liability of health structures and health professionals and related insurance coverage in the health sector, contributing to cultural and scientific growth, using qualified university professors and researchers.

In a complex and particularly changing regulatory environment, the issues on which CSIDEAS intends to start the first studies concern:

the profiles relating to the implementation of community and national provisions on cross-border care, with particular regard to the opportunities to broaden the forms of health care to be offered to Italian citizens living abroad, balancing the needs related to cost containment with the respect for the high quality level of health services provided by the National Health Service, in all its components;

the implementation of tools aimed at ensuring constant vigilance and widespread application of anti-corruption measures;

the indispensable need for an increasing knowledge of the applicative aspects and regulatory profiles concerning the right to health and the related economic problems, as well as the search for solutions that meet the various needs, making possible the best model of assistance applicable on the basis of available resources;

the promotion and carrying out of studies aimed at deepening knowledge of regional regulations and their interaction with national legislation on health protection;

About methodological level, CSIDEAS intends to promote the organization of conferences, seminars, study days, concerning issues related to the health sector in legal and economic terms.

CSIDEAS proposes to start a profitable relationship with the Institutions, favoring contacts with Universities, Research Institutes and the offices of Administrations and Public Bodies, as well as with the Italian Association of Private Hospitals (AIOP) and also with other Associations of categories interested in the subject.

CSIDEAS, on the basis of the research carried out, will provide its assistance to the Higher Institute of Training for Businesses and Enterprises (I.S.F.A.I.) in the planning of training paths for health workers.